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Bonus #1: 100 Tips Collection in 10 Profitable Niches (value $197)


10 Highly Popular & Profitable Niches With This Amazing 100 Tips Collection!

Here’s what you’re going to get:

100 Bowling Tips

100 COver Letter Tips

100 Dog Training Tips

100 Energy Saving Tips

100 Exercise Tips

100 First Date Tips

100 Flirting Tips

100 Getting Pregnant Tips

100 Hair Growth Tips

100 Lawn Care Tips

Bonus #2: 7 Days to Affiliate Success (value $19)

7 Days To Affiliate Success

Discover How You Can Quickly & Easily Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business Within Days!

Here’s What You Will Get:

What types of affiliate marketing available.

What qualities a super affiliate marketer should possess in order to success.

Why you need a mentor and how to find one.

How to perform keyword research step by step. How to discover the secrets of niche marketing.

Where to find products to promote.  How to chose the best affiliate program.

and much,much more!

Bonus #3: List Building 101 Videos (value $47)

List Building

There Are 12 videos on list building with solid information especially for newbies.

Here are the titles and the length of each video:

Intro To List Building 3:48

Part 1 JV Giveaways 3:06

Part 2 Ad Swaps 2:55

Part 3 Solo Ads 3:45

Part 4 Click Banking 2:49

Part 5 Free WSO‘s 4:34

Part 6 CPV List Building 3:50

Part 7 Bartering for Leads 2:48

Part 8 Exit Popups 2:42

Part 9 Buying Ad Space 2:41

Part 10 Integrated Cross Promotions 2:23

Part 11 Viral PDF Reports 2:09

Bonus #4: Residual Income Blueprint (value $97)

Residual Income Blueprint

Louis Allport is one of the early pioneers in Internet Marketing and the art of reselling products.

Since starting out in 1996 (the internet “stone age”) he has created many money churning sites. Sites that once set up, have only needed minor tweaking as the years go by to keep on coughing up the cash.

After developing his winning formula, it was basically rinse & repeat time and time again for creating a slew of websites that have made him a small fortune, and show no signs of letting up.

It’s every entrepreneurs dream come true… a site that keeps on producing, while you keep on cashing the checks.

This exclusive interview is now immediately available for you in this package. It’s uncut, uncensored & nothing has been left out. Every word of advice, every insight, every tip, trick and suggestion has been retained.

By the time you finish listening to what this interview has to offer, you’ll know more about starting a residual income business than 95% of the online population ever will!

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